Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Get a Cozy Yet Beautiful Home

Guest Post from Jessica from 4 Interior Design

If you are looking into how to make your home not only beautiful but cozy too, then read on! The following ten tips will show you how you can have a comfortable and welcoming home while keeping it beautiful and attractive at the same time.

Make a Safe Haven
One important element in creating coziness is by subtly emphasising the difference between inside and outside. An ideally cozy home is one that is particularly appealing when the weather outside is awful! You want to emphasize the fact that your home is warm and bright while the outside is cold and dark. Install points of light and make sure the temperature within the home is always comfortable.

Natural elements
For some reason, we humans like things to be natural: wood or stone panelling or décor give us a feeling of 'getting back to our roots'. Use natural wood furniture or invest in a stone or stone effect fireplace surround to give your home some instant cozy charm.

Hot Colour Highlights
Red and copper touches speak of inviting warmth and are perfect for infusing neutral décor with a splash of liveliness. A copper fireguard and some soft red cushions can make an amazing difference to a room that otherwise has cool décor colours.

Hideaway nooks
Make the best use of natural window seats by creating natural looking secluded areas, perfect for curling up in with a good book. Arrange furniture and curtains so as to give a good vantage point from the hideaway without any feeling of being exposed. You will find that children, in particular, will gravitate to these spots and will entertain themselves for hours!

Something Soft Underfoot
Nothing adds decadence to a room more than a deep pile carpet or furry plush rug. Lay your carpet or rug strategically and you will see how visitors and family alike will enjoy walking over the soft layer with bare feet, a sure sign of feeling safe and welcome.

Get Soft!
Sofas should sprout plump cushions and harsh corners should be softened with slip covers and padding. Taking out the hard lines and sharp edges from a room immediately gives the room an appealing, almost womblike welcome. Allow everyone to luxuriate in pampering softness and they are sure to remember how kindly and inviting your home is. 

Kitchen Charm
The kitchen is at its best when it is busy. Have seating for informal meals, arrange hanging pots and pans, especially copper ones and hang strings of onions or garlic and bunches of herbs from the ceiling. Not only do these bring everything to hand as soon as they are needed, but they give your kitchen the look of an authentic country kitchen, oozing warmth, delicious food and good smells. 

Fragrant Home
Add good smells to your home, and not only in the kitchen. Sprinkle a little ground cinnamon on your radiators (or hide cinnamon sticks behind the radiator) and as the room warms up the delightful smell of cinnamon will float throughout the entire house. When baking, leave the kitchen door open so the scent of fresh bread, cakes and biscuits permeates every level. Pleasant potpourri and natural scents go a long way to making a home feel welcome, speaking to the most primitive and ancient part of our brains. 

Shut Out the World
When the weather is truly awful, with a howling gale screaming around the eaves and snow and sleet falling thick and fast there is a wicked element of pleasure in being able to close that inclement weather outside! Invest in some thick velvety curtains to enclose your family and loved ones in the bosom of the home. Using thick blackout curtains will ensure that the sounds of the storm are muted and that any lightning flashes will not be able to penetrate into the room to scare pets and small children.

Cheerful Focus
Create an inviting focal point in important rooms, such as the living room, but preferably not a television! Arrange the room around your fireplace, no matter whether the fire is real or fake, or around something bright, cheerful and unusual, such as a reconditioned jukebox. Whatever you choose as the focal point, it should be a literal draw, inviting everyone to draw near and take their place nearby. 

Depending on the size and layout of your home, you may not be able to implement all of these tips. Do not panic though, use the tips that are relevant to you and you will be delighted and pleased at how much difference just one or two of them can make to your home!

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