Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Bucket List 2013

I live in South Texas where we always joke about our two kinds of weather.  Hot and Hotter.  It is no surprise that we suffered through yet another hot and dry summer.  (I won’t complain too much though because I am really blessed to live here.) But, that does not stop me from dreaming of wearing a sweater and boots on the first day of Fall this year.  Will it happen? Highly, unlikely!  Still I am itching for that cooler weather and for all the fun Fall events and activities that go along with this time of year. Our family just completed our lengthy and exciting Summer Bucket List. And, even though summer isn’t officially over and the heat has not subsided, I just had to create our Fall Bucket List. We visit at least one big pumpkin patch and Fall Festival every year. The kids cannot get enough of all the events put on throughout our community! As for me, I know I still have a list of crafts and recipes that I want to try out and maybe feature on this blog. What do you have planned for this Fall season? What are your “Must Do’s” in Autumn?


  1. Love your fall bucket list! I'll have to keep some of those things in mind :) Thanks for sharing :D

  2. As a neighbor to your north, here in East Texas were are just starting to get the signs of Fall. Walking to school in the morning has required us to wear light jackets in the crisp air. I would love to go apple picking but alas, apples don't grow around here. :)

  3. Apples don't grow around here either, but I was hoping for a little trip further north...we'll see if we can find a place!


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