Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Forgotten Christmas Decorations

I spent this weekend putting away boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. It is my one time of year that I like to go all out and decorate everywhere. Now my house is looking a little bare because I said good-bye to December and welcomed a new year! I am sure many of you did the same. (Assuming you're not the person that leaves their Christmas lights out all year round in order to avoid the "taking down and putting back up again" routine.) Then, you shut the attic door and dusted off your hands. Mission accomplished!

But, wait...what is that hanging on the door? What rolled under the couch? A "Noel" door hanger..a shiny, round ornament that fell off the tree? It happens to everyone. Just when you thought you have put everything Christmas related away, you find the forgotten Christmas decorations.

What do I do with these leftover Christmas decorations? I choose a pretty box that I don't mind seeing all year long or at least until my next trip to the attic. I stick it on the top shelf in my closet so it will be out of the way. (I lost my "under the bed" storage when we purchased our bedroom set. But, those roll under the bed containers work great for this type of storage, too.) It's true that for the next couple of weeks or so I will continue to find small reminders of Christmas throughout the house. But, I don't worry much because now I have a designated spot just for them. I also use this box to house any small Christmas items that I may find on clearance this month.

Find a cute box, container, or even a simple shopping bag to store these forgotten Christmas decorations and save yourself several trips to the attic or basement!

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