Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Lunches and Snacks

Love packing cute lunches for your little ones? One of my favorite times to glam up their school lunches are for holidays! In the past, Valentine's Day lunches have been made extra special with a few lunch making tools and fun food. Snacks are easy, too!

I LOVE my heart shaped silicone muffin liners. (I purchased them a couple of years ago from Michael's craft store.) I can bake cupcakes or muffins ahead of time, and throw them in with the kids' lunches. Plus, they work perfectly to separate portions of food.

Use a paring knife to make heart shaped strawberries. Cut off the leafy tops by cutting at an angle downward and then at an angle back up again (almost like you are cutting an upside down triangle out of the top of your strawberry.)

If you own any type of cookie cutters, you most likely own at least one heart shaped cutter. I have some of all sizes. The big ones can be used to cut an entire sandwich into the shape of a heart. The smaller ones can be used to make practically anything heart-shaped, including cheeses, fruit, and bell-peppers.

I used my "Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters, Fairy Set" to make a heart and crown out of sliced mozzarella for the top of my daughter's sandwich.

Sometimes the smallest touches make the funnest difference! Add stickers to fruit cups, plastic bags, or juice boxes.

The kids get a LOT of sweets for Valentine's Day at school. Making fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods "cute" on this day is a must  if you want them to eat anything worthwhile that day. Hey, and do not stop on Valentine's Day. I add heart shapes all year long and send my love right in their lunchbox!

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