Monday, April 7, 2014

Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

If you're anything like me I get a little overwhelmed with the amount of candy my children receive on holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. When my pantry starts to be overtaken by candy I beg for some alternatives. Easter is coming up quickly and there are already a couple of Easter egg hunts planned in our community. I decided to make a list of some of my favorite Easter egg filler ideas. I am sharing this list and including some pictures just for you! Hopefully, others will consider filling their eggs with other fun stuff besides candy...

1.     Plastic army men
2.     Fake bugs
3.     Rings
4.     Legos or Lego mini-figures
5.     Stretchy or plastic animals, dinosaurs, etc.
6.     Erasers
7.     Spinning top
8.     Mini nail polish
9.     Mini Bubbles
10.  Rainbow Loom (type) Rubber bands
11.  Play money or plastic coins
12.  Key chain
13.  Magnetic letters or other cute magnets
14. Bouncy Balls
15.  Cross, Rosary, or other religious items
16.  Stickers (Seasonal and character)
17.  Mini Tattoos
18.  Stretchy/sticky hand
19.  Stamps
20.  Crocs "jibbitz" shoe charms
21.  Bunny, chick, or other Easter trinket/toy
22.  Hair ties, mini-bows, or hair clips
23.  Foam Stickers
24.  Silly Putty or play-doh
25.  Small lipgloss
26.  Bracelets
27.  Balloon
28.  Necklace
29.  Dollar bill or coins
30.  Earrings
31.  Small figurine
32.  Disney trading pins or other attachable pin
33.  Whistle
34.  Mini car
35.  Barbie accessories or clothes
36. Mini wind-up toy

*Don't forget to check the party aisles and the Dollar Tree for small toys and trinkets. Party favors are cheap, small, and fun!

 Maybe this list of Easter egg fillers will help you when you are staring at a pile of empty Easter eggs. I know I will be referring back to it when I am preparing for our Easter egg hunts and baskets!

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