Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Block Party

I showed you the cute Halloween cupcakes that I made for our neighborhood’s first ever Halloween block party. Our neighborhood is brand new so this is a lot of people’s first year celebrating Halloween in the area. The awesome thing about our neighborhood is everyone is super friendly and there are tons of kids around here!
Our first step in planning the party was to make invitations. I made a quick invite on Then two weeks prior to the party a neighbor and I went door-to-door and hand delivered the invites. We also had a sign up sheet for food and party supplies for anyone that wanted to participate.

(We also included our contact information, location, and a reminder to wear their costumes!)

The Halloween block party was so much fun! The cupcakes that I made were used for our “Cupcake Walk.” (If you missed the Halloween decorated cupcakes you can see them here.) I taped pumpkin die-cuts onto our neighbor’s driveway. Then, I set up the numbered pumpkins in a circle and the kids walked around while music played in the background. When the music stopped I chose a number from a bucket and that child won a cupcake.

One of my neighbors set up a table for face painting and I set up to apply Halloween tattoos on the kids’ hands. I had purchased a bag of Skull Tattoo boxes at Wal-Mart. These individual boxes are meant for trick-or-treating and goody bag treats, but they were just right for this occasion!

Later, a neighbor set up chairs and some of the kids played musical chairs. It was so funny to watch how competitive they became when they ran to grab a seat. Another neighbor purchased glow sticks, and the kids had fun waving them around and dancing with them when it got darker. This was such a great idea and it kept the kids entertained!

I was so busy with all the kid’s activities and games that I failed to take more pictures. Most of them were taken with my cell phone because we were running around so much. We had a beautiful spread of yummy food and desserts, but no pictures to show for it. Oh, well! We had hotdogs, frito pies, veggie trays, fruit trays, and so much more! It was great having all those planned activities, but I think everyone had a great time just hanging out, playing, and getting to know all the neighbors!

Our neighborhood had our first Halloween block party and it was a total success! I think everyone agreed that we would be making this an annual neighborhood event!


  1. I thought this would have been a great idea for our neighborhood this year, but because we're new here, everyone thought I was kind of a nut. Oh well.
    The kids look like they had a wonderful time!

  2. Haha, maybe next year..or another holiday :) They did have a lot of fun!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I wish I lived in a neighborhood that did something like this! Thanks for stoppin by Family Fridays today!

  4. Wow! This looks like so much fun!!! Maybe this is something our neighborhood could do... it would be a great way to meet up with all the new families that recently moved in.

    1. Absolutely! It worked out so a lot of neighbors got to know each other better and some met other families for the first time, too.

  5. The featured button works now!!!!


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