Friday, October 18, 2013

Stamping Apple and Pumpkin Prints

We added apple and pumpkin books to our family’s browsing basket recently. I set up a painting art activity to go along with these books. We stamped apples and pumpkins using real apples, red paint, and orange paint.

To do this craft you only need a few simple supplies.

  • Apple (sliced in half from top to bottom)
  • Red and orange paint (tempera or acrylic paint)
  • Paper plate (for paint and dipping)
  • Paint brush (optional)
  • Thick paper
  • Glue
  • Newspaper (to keep the table clean)
  • Twigs from outside (optional)

Dip your halved apple into red paint and stamp an apple print directly onto the paper. (To better coat the apple you can use your paintbrush to apply paint directly to the apple instead of dipping the apple in the paint.) Dip your other half in the orange paint to make a pumpkin shape. Add a little glue and stick your twig to the top of each print to make apple and pumpkin stems.

 Let it dry completely. Hang your child’s apple and pumpkin prints up for all to see!


  1. I never thought of having the apple create a pumpkin print. very clever. Thanks for sharing. Found you on 'inspiremefridays' link up. I love anything to do with paper and lost art of letter writing as you will see via #92 on the linkup

  2. Yes, I wanted to incorporate a couple of Fall colors in there. Thanks :) I will stop by to check out your linkup!


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