Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Lunch Ideas

I love making cute lunches for the month of October! There are so many ways to dress up your kid’s lunches during this time! Think of the various themes like Halloween, ghosts, pumpkins, Fall, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, mummies, bats, owls, etc.


Saw this on pintrest! I used a mandarin orange fruit cup and added a face with a sharpie to make a jack-o-lantern. So Easy!


Wrap a hotdog wienie or sausage in a crescent roll and bake according to package. Add some eyes with food bits, mustard, candy, or icing and you have yourself a mummy!

Wrap your drink or treat in gauze and add googly eyes to dress it up as a mummy. Layer strips of sliced mozarella cheese on a sandwich to make a mummy face.


Shape your crescent roll dough into a ghost and add eyes.


I found a bat sandwich cutter a couple of years ago and...Ta-da!

Stickers & Picks

Add Halloween stickers to notes, baggies, and fruit. Put a toothpick in between two stickers that are back to back and you have your own pick to hold cheese, fruit, cubed ham, etc.

Use Halloween themed picks or cupcake toppers like the one below to make fruit kabobs or to make fruit and cheese sticks.

Halloween Treats

I try not to put candy or load their lunches with sugary sweets, but I do like to treat the kids every now and then to something special. I made these sugar cookies using my Pampered Chef set of mini cookie cutters. The leaf and pumpkin cutters are great for these cookies, but I also use them to cut sliced cheese into fun shapes.

It's so much fun to make Halloween bento lunches. So get out your cute cookie cutters, Halloween stickers, and use a little imagination to make lunch a little sweeter! Your kids will thank you!!

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