Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Adventures of Elf on the Shelf (The Last Week)

It is a very sad day in this house for today marks the last official day of our visit from Elfie Scout! Well, the kids were sad, but then they also realized this meant it was Christmas Eve. My son talked about the presents that they would get tomorrow. He also remembered that tonight would be the Christmas pageant at our church. All three of my kids will be participating. My seven-year old will be the "light child" who lights the room in the beginning of the pageant. She then hands the light over to the Angel Gabriel. (A very important part!) My son will be a Shepard. He looks so cute in his costume by the way. He was very happy with this role because this meant he would be taking care of my three-year old daughter. She is an adorable sheep :)

Anyway, today it is good-bye to Elfie. He will be back next year I am sure! Here is what he was up to in our final week with him.

Elfie on top of a tree of photo albums.

He found the Christmas pictures in one of the albums.

Elfie and his army vs. the enemy army.

Elfie hiding on the rocking chair and surrounded by lovies and stuffed animals.

Elfie on his last day with us. He built a "Bye" sign with legos.

Good-bye, Elfie Scout! We will see you in 2014!

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