Saturday, December 21, 2013

Adventures of Elf on the Shelf (Week 3)

 This is our last full week with our Elf on the Shelf. It has been eventful, and fun! As I said before this is our first year with Elfie, and I have found that his time with us has really flown by!

Sunday was the day I hosted my annual Cookie Exchange Party. My daughter was convinced that Elfie Scout would do something with cookies on this day. We woke up that morning to find that he had left each child a container of "elf-sized" chocolate chip/mini M&M cookies. He had taken a bite of his own cookie and was sitting on the TV stand with a "Will Work For Cookies" sign.
On Monday, he made it to mommy's Christmas village. He was sitting on top of one of the houses and holding onto the chimney.

On Tuesday, he borrowed a bike from the dollhouse and rode through some of my son's mini construction cones. Apparently, he took a bad fall. We found him on that morning with a bandage on his arm and two tiny Band-Aids. Poor Elfie!

On Wednesday, he took the time to recall the "reason for the season." He found his way to my dresser and knelt before Baby Jesus.
On Thursday, he was quite naughty. He got into my flour in the kitchen. We found him that morning lying on his back where he had made "snow angels" in the flour. The counter and Elfie were a floured mess!
On Friday, he was found in the domino's tin can. He set up the dominos in a swirl or an "e" as my daughter pointed out.
Oh, how this elf has kept my kids on their toes! Just a few more days of his wild and silly ways!

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