Friday, December 6, 2013

The Adventures of Elf on the Shelf (Week 1)

We have survived the first week of having our new guest, Elfie Scout, in our home. The kids have followed the number one rule of "no touching," and he has made it to and from the North Pole each night. Thank goodness he has not forgotten. ;)

I have been documenting the places he has been showing up, and I will continue to do so until Christmas Eve. He has not done anything too crazy yet, but only time will tell. I showed you his arrival last Friday, and these are the rest of the places we have found him.

Elfie on our mantel. Maybe Santa doesn't let him ride the reindeer back home.


Elfie on our chandelier. (Not my best picture, but you get the idea.)


Elfie was found roasting marshmallows by the fireplace on this morning. (He had stuck a mini marshmallow, just his size, onto a stick from outside.) He even left each kid a bag of mini marshmallows! They loved that!


Elfie was found on our Christmas tree. His arms were hooked on our gold ribbon, and he used the ribbon to climb up the tree.


Elfie left a clue on the refrigerator. He had spelled out "Brrr" with magnetic letters.



The kids opened up the fridge to find Elfie wrapped up in a scarf!


Elf found my son's blanket and pillow that I had made for his stuffed animal. He tucked himself right in and took a nap on my son's little couch. He was also wearing an eye mask for sleeping. (He used felt and yarn to make his mask.)


This time Elfie made his way to my daughter's stroller. I think he's been wanting someone to take him on a stroll.

The kids wake up each morning and immediately go hunting for Elfie Scout. They have thought his hiding places have been hilarious so far. Come back next week to see what other adventures Elfie has been on!


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